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    Masseuses from our salon "Relax Point 66" will pamper your tired body with a tantra massage. Expect perfect relaxation for both your body and soul. Recharge your energy with a tantra massage Prague.

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    Salon of Tantra massage Prague focuses on several types of massages. Choose your favorite massage, we are experts on exotic oil massage, sports massage or "Tender touch" massage.

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Relaxation and Tantra massage Prague
Friendly discount! Come with yout friend for erotic massage and don't pay 1.500 CZK as usual, but only 1.300 CZK/hour!

Relax point 66 is a tantric salon oriented on Tantra massage Prague. Our website brings you an overview of services mainly focused on Tantra massages in Prague. After a hard working day everyone enjoys an absolute release of stress with a massage by a beautiful masseuse. The choice of the tantric massage type is entirely up to you, our offer is broad.

Tantra massage Prague

Tantric massage Prague releases energy flows in your body and helps you forget your everyday worries. Beautiful masseuse has no direct intimate contact with the client. Ecstasy and relaxation of the tantric massage arise
due to the contact of naked bodies of the client and the masseuse.

Exotic Oil

During the oil massage the masseuse uses essential oils of exotic fragrances and the heat of her own body. Exotic oil massage encourages the blood circulation, stimulates nervous system and awakes your inner energy and sensuality. Aromatic oils have a positive effect on the respiratory system and combined with sensual massage by a beautiful masseuse this massage gives you new life energy.

We are using natural exotic oils. The oils are warmed up at a suitable temperature in order to bring to the client as pleasant feeling as possible. Oil massage harmonizes the body, helps to relax muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system and improves the blood circulation so that the massaged person enjoys the maximum of relaxation.

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