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Tantra massage

Tantra massage (or a tantric massage) requires very close contact between the masseuse and the massaged client. Such a close physical contact during the tantric massage supports a direct transfer of energy and helps to loosen emotional blocks. As a complement to the tantric massage we use esoteric music and appropriate accessories.

Tantra massage provides sensual stimulation to both your body and soul. During this intimate unique experience you will discover a new pleasure and sexual arousal. You will gain the feeling as if the time has stopped running. All the worries and problems of your everyday life become completely unimportant. You are going to forget about everything except the hot and energetic body of the beautiful masseuse.

Learn how to perceive your own sexuality and get absorbed in tantric energy! Open the gate to the world of tantric sensuality!

The comfort of tantra massage

During the tantric massage both the masseuse and the massaged client are completely naked (if you wish, the massage can be performed in underwear). Therefore, both masseuse and the client are intensively enjoying the touch of their naked bodies, which also increases strongly the comfort of the massaged client.

Tantric massage aims at erogenous zones of the body, which are stimulated so the tantric energy evenly and completely flows through the body. For the utmost relaxation we recommend to order the options of two-hour tantric massage.